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the art of kirigami


About little paper factory

Little paper factory create individual pieces of art using recycled objects, materials and paper. This form of paper art, similar to origami originated in Japan and is known as Kirigami, and is best described as the folding and cutting of paper into decorative shapes. These individual pieces are then mounted in re-purposed objects such as printer trays, wooden boxes or anything else ‘vintage’ that appeals to the artists. Even the paper is recycled and ranges from old sheet music or newsprint to maps or perhaps the pages from an old copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Everything is individually designed and handmade resulting in truly unique pieces of art

Kirigami... keeping the ancient art of paper cutting alive

When you think of Japanese paper crafts, origami is likely the first art form to come to mind. If you’re familiar with this age-old practice, you know that a work of origami art is created by manipulating a single sheet of paper with nothing but a series of strategic folds. While this is the most well-known approach to the ancient art form, there are also adaptations. Kirigami, a variation of origami, offers a bit more creative freedom by allowing artists to cut, clip, and snip their paper. To find out more take a look at our Kirigami page


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